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This page is intended to provide resources to those interested in participating in outdoor activities, especially those related to the mission of OAC. This is not intended to be an endorsement of any vendors, web sites, or other resource posted here, but to provide information. If you have suggestions or find problems with the list below, please contact us directly to provide feedback. Because we are located in Rhode Island, many of the resources listed below are in or near southern New England.

Trail Maps & Information

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Note: Many of the areas under trail maps are also available for cycling.

Health and Hazards

Poison Ivy/Sumac/Oak

Note: poison ivy is the most common irritant plant in the New England area. Poison sumac is also found in the eastern United States and Canada, typically limited to very wet and swampy areas. Poison Oak is unknown in New England. It is distributed in southeastern United States and west of the Rocky Mountains.

Neat Fact: The Cashew tree is related to these plants and also contains anacardic acid, a closely related toxin to urushiol (the active toxin that causes dermatitis from poison ivy/oak/sumac). Handling the shell of cashews can result in similar dermatitis.

Lyme Disease

Note: There are many other resources regarding this disease.

Got any new sites or ideas? Drop me an e-mail. Thanks & happy trails!

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