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Notch 2 Notch 2010

Group with Franconia Range behind themAugust 18-21, 2010 - White Mtns, NH

What a fantastic trip! Six of us completed 32 or more miles along the AT between Crawford Notch and Franconia Notch (heading south). The weather wsa gorgeous, the huts provided excellent food, and the friends we met along the way were plentiful.

Each day members of the group could pick from a variety of side routes along the AT. Everyone summited at least seven 4000 footers, and some as many as fourteen. Highlights of the trip included side trips out to the Bonds and the walk along Franconia Ridge on the last day. The peaks climbed by some or all of the group included: Wiley, Field, Tom, Zealand, Bond, Bondcliff, West Bond, South Twin, Galehead, Garfield, Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty, and Flume.

Northern CT Trek Along AT

timberline rattler in CTJuly 17-19, 2010 - Western CT

We completed our second warm-up trip in CT in July. Four backpackers came along, and - unlike the June trip - we all completed the trip! Weather was great, if a bit warm. Along the way we met a larger number of thru-hikers who were just starting New England, having completed about 1500 of the 2,179 miles of the AT.

Along the way there were tales of rattle snakes and bears. The picture to the left is a Timber rattlesnake two of our party encountered along the trail. It seemed content to stay where it was and pose for a picture, though it did show its displeasure by rattling. There were numerous accounts of a bear or bears in camp the last night on the trail, though no one in the party had the opportunity to see one.

Kayaking Down Narrow River and at Narragansett Beach

July 10, 2010 - Narragansett, RI

A small group gathered at Narrow River Kayak rentals on the morning of July 10 to paddle down the effluent of Narrow River and grab some waves off of Narragansett Beach.

Everyone had a great time. This is an excellent place to start to practice some wave play. You have a nice easy paddle in the brackish lower Narrow River (at least while you're going with the tide), and then you can chose how engaged you become with the waves along the beach. An interesting abandoned building along the way, a very large Osprey nest, and the possibility of a few cranes provide eye candy along the way.

Outdoor Cooking Class at REI Cranston

demonstrating trail cooking techniquesJune 15, 2010 - Cranston, RI

REI invited OAC to put on an outdoor cooking class in June. The class filled to capacity and we had a great time discussing ideas from cooking and dining gear, to various techniques, to good choices for backpacking meals. We started by taking a 'field trip' in the store to check out stoves, cook kits, utensils, water treatment options, and meals. Back in the classroom we covered all sorts of questions, including one from a very young lady who wanted to know how to prepare deer pemmican (though she was a bit too young to know the word). We ended the session by cooking up two dinner meals and serving it, followed by a trail version of pudding.

Along the Southern Portion of the AT in CT

Red-spotted newt in eft stageJune 5-7, 2010 - Western CT

Our first warm-up trip for the Notch 2 Notch in August seemed like a bust. We started with six participants, which dropped to four in the first day. The second day saw two more drop out, leaving just two torch-bearers to complete the trek. For those who remained, it was well worth the effort. Among wildlife spotted, we include an eastern box turtle, a great horned owl, two white-tailed deer, and at least 63 (yeah, we counted) efts (juvenile red spotted newt - right). Didn't know at the time that the skin is highly toxic (okay, it's not that bad unless you eat one or lick your hand right after handling...).

After a thunder storm chased us down a mountain, the weather was great for the rest of the trip. We also got the chance to meet several northern bound thru-hikers along the way.

North-South Trail Hikes Continue through Arcadia to Stepping Stone Falls

May HikeMay 1, 2010 - Exeter, RI

Our May hike started over near Browning Mill Pond and followed the North-South trail for about ten miles to the old location of the Pine Top Ski Area. If that doesn't date me, I don't know what will! We observed a crane, several turtles, lady slipper orchids, and horses (not wild ones) along the way. We stopped off for a refreshing break at the site of Howard Barber's old homestead and farm and checked out his spring. There was a giant asparagus growing nearby. As we approached Stepping Stone Falls, we encountered a lot of sand on the trail. Where did it come from? We soon found out when we discovered Falls River Road entirely washed away. Will they rebuild it?

Third Annual Wilderness First Aid and CPR Course Certifies 25 New Responders

WFA Class 20100418April 17-18, 2010 - Warwick, RI

OAC again offered its WFA class to area outdoor leaders and youth this past weekend. Twenty-five students from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island gathered at the Community College of Rhode Island, Knight Campus in Warwick, RI to prepare for a variety of summer vocations or treks where they will be responsible for the safety and well-being of youth engaged in outdoor adventures. This year's class of 25 students included two youth and eleven young adults (under the age of 30).

This year, three instructors - including 18-year-old and 20-year-old certified EMTs who were previously Venturers from Crew 6 Cranston - taught the course. Besides the American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Basic course, the weekend included the Adult CPR course.

Start of North-South Trail in Charlestown, RI

Large group joins in hikeApril 10, 2010 - Charlestown, RI

We began doing parts of the North-South Trail in Rhode Island in April. This trail starts (as did we) at the Charlestown Beach along the coast and meanders along the CT border in RI (dipping into CT at least once) before ending at the RI-MA line up near Wallum Lake. It actually follows right on the RI-MA border for about a mile prior to ending right where the Mid-State Trail in MA begins its journey to NH.

Some of the members of the CCRI Outdoor Club decided to camp along the way after the hike.

Narragansett and Tippicansett Trails in Hopkinton and Exeter, RI

Large group joins in hikeMar 6, 2010 - Hopkinton & Exeter, RI

The Outdoor Club from CCRI joined us for a beautiful hike along the RI-CT state line on a gorgeous winter day. We discovered a sluice way for an old mill and explored dinosaur caves while on the hike.

Several geocaches were found along the way, including one with a travel bug in it. The day was warm and bright, but there were still vestiges of snow in places along the trail. Geocaches included: GC1VPRT (Troop 33 GeoCache), GC20HVR (scoutmasters stash), and GC11XBM (Who's Line is it Anyway?).

Walkabout Trail in Chepachet is First Monthly Hike

Prepared for the cold (and hunters)Feb 6, 2010 - Chepachet, RI

On a chilly breezy day in early February, OAC held its first monthly hike. Attendance seemed to go up and down just prior to the hike by six finally showed up (one is missing from the photo - along with his Labradoodle). We hiked the 8-mile Walkabout Trail in George Washington Management Area. This time a whopping seven geocaches were discovered: GC1EXQT (Wilbur Pond), GC1778Q (Orange You Glad You Found It), GC1CX22 (G.W.Gas Saver #4- Sign at the sign), GC16WE1 (A Fairy Amusing Cache), GCX5XX (Walkabout II), GCZ2W5 ("SIMON" K-9 COPS #4), and GCZ8WA ("ABBY" K-9 COPS # 6).

The Walkabout trail was created in 1965 by a group of Australian sailors from the HMAS Perth, which was undergoing an overhaul in Newport, RI.

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