About OAC


OAC was established in 2008, originally as Outdoor Adventure Corps, Inc. The original articles of incorporation had a mission statement very similar to the one we have below. Over the course of the past eight years we've delivered numerous courses related to outdoor adventure, environmental stewardship, and overall personal growth. We believe that the outdoors is a resource we all share, worldwide. We endeavor to keep it in a pristine state. Our training includes Wilderness First Aid and other emergency care courses, courses related to the environment, including the AMC course, Confronting Climate Change, and a wide variety of outdoor activity-related training, including land navigation, basic paddling, cold water survival, wilderness travel and safety, cycling-related topics including basic bike maintenance and care, backcountry cooking, backpacking basics, cold weather hiking and camping, and series on year-long mountain exploration. In 2014 we shortened our name to OAC, Inc.

Mission Statement

To promote global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and personal growth through education and outdoor adventure.

— adopted from the OAC, Inc Articles of Incorporation      

OAC Board of Directors

Currently, the OAC, Inc board of directors includes six individuals who have either a longstanding record of outdoor adventure experience, extensive experience educating youth, or some combination of both.